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ARMA-Q is the new self-regulatory regime for ARMA managing agents. It aims to raise standards and quality of service across the residential leasehold management sector - hence the 'Q' for quality. ARMA-Q places consumers at its heart. It features:

An independent Regulatory Panel
A Consumer Charter
Standards which are specific to managing agents

Essentially, it boost the standards that apply to ARMA members. For the first time, managing agents who belong to ARMA will have to comply with a Consumer Charter and bespoke ARMA-Q is designed to protect consumers in all areas of leasehold management. You will be able to measure the performance of your managing agent against a prescribed set of Standards.

So for example, if you're not happy with the level of service you are receiving, you will be able to call your managing agent to account against the appropriate ARMA-Q Standard. Membership of ARMA is voluntary. So if your managing agent is signed up to ARMA-Q, they are showing a clear commitment to offering the best customer service when managing your property.

So by choosing an ARMA member you get higher standards, greater confidence and more openness.

However, instead, we have now decided to subscribe to the RICS Code of Practice as we believe this will be more beneficial to our customers and in the interim we can assure you that our professional indemnity cover can be inspected by contacting ourselves which in itself offers our clients full financial protection. Furthermore we still subscribe to an independent complaints panel for greater transparency.

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