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What to do Fire or Fire Alarm sounding Call 999
Smell Gas Call 0800 111 999
Noise disturbance Report a noise nuisance to your council
Community police matters Call 111
Crime in progress Call 999
Electrical failure For high voltage, overhead cables or substation emergencies, 
call 0800 40 40 90. or visit
Lift failure Use handset in lift to connect to lift company (If available)
Street light out Report it on
Faulty Boiler: Should you experience no hot water then this is not an emergency and must be reported to the office during office hours . Should you experience no heating during the summer months then this is not considered an emergency and you should contact the office during office hours , however, during the colder months you should contact 07778 655 274 (separate charges may be payable)
Other Plumbing and Heating issues, call: 07778 655 274

When Crown Manage the building Leak from flat above Go visit your neighbour, show them the leak in your flat, ask to switch their water off until they arrange a plumber to fix the fault
  Leaks that continue after your neighbour has turned their water off Call us on 01803 324405 we’ll help decide it if is mains pressure and decide what to do

Leak from roof

Call 01803 324405 in the morning as we can’t send people on the roof at night

  Communal heating failure Report to site manager or call us on 01803 324405 during office hours
  Gates or roller shutter jammed shut Look for the red fail safe button or manual winder and leave the gates open to help others, then call us on 01803 324405 during office hours

Advice for items inside your flat or help we can provide when Crown manage the letting Leak from appliance within your flat Find the stopcock and isolate either:
•  the faulty appliance – in-let pipes to WC’s, washing machine and other appliances usually have an isolator valve that can be turned off with a screwdriver. Isolate the appliance and call us on 01803 324405 in the morning or find the mains water stopcock which is usually in 1 of 4 places
•  under the kitchen sink
•  in a riser cupboard either inside or outside the front door to the property
•  in a box on the wall outside the building
•  in a box in the grass/front garden outside the building